Trusted Representation For Your Legal Need

At The Law Office of Russell Jordan, we have served the residents of Laredo and the surrounding areas for nearly 10 years by representing our clients' interests and protecting their rights in matters related to criminal law, family law and personal injury law.

Our success over the past decade is the result of the trust our clients have in our abilities, and that trust is the direct result of our excellent reputation for providing outstanding legal services delivered with honesty and professionalism.

If you would like to learn why the people of South Texas have turned to our law firm for nearly 10 years, you can do so by scheduling a free initial consultation at our law office in Laredo by calling 956-508-8349 or by sending us an email. Se habla español.

A Criminal Defense Designed For You

Our founding attorney, Russell Jordan, has nearly 15 years of experience in criminal law that he gained on both sides of the courtroom. In fact, Mr. Jordan spent the first six years of his career as a prosecuting attorney, which gives him firsthand knowledge of the methods prosecutors use to obtain convictions. Armed with experience and the knowledge that facts win cases, he builds defense strategies based on extensive investigations, research and determination.

If you face a charge for a criminal offense, regardless of its severity, you can put your defense — and your future — in the capable hands of our experienced lawyer. Mr. Jordan will take the time to examine the situation that led to your arrest, ensure your arresting officer followed proper protocol and design a defense strategy tailored to fit your needs.

Working For Texas Families

It takes a special person to be a successful family law attorney because you cannot measure family law success in the number of courtroom "wins" a lawyer has. Instead, in family law, the measure of success is much more personal. In some cases, success shows in the faces of children secure in the knowledge that they have the love and support of both parents. In other cases, success shows in the faces of women who know their financial futures are secure.

At The Law Office of Russell Jordan, the goal of our family law practice is not simply to win; our goal is to ensure you have the best future possible by representing your interests, protecting your rights and helping you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.